Friday, April 8, 2011

Rough week

Blake has had a rough last 10 days. Last Wednesday he didn't seem like himself in the morning. I took him to daycare because he didn't have a fever, but told his teacher to keep an eye on him. By 11:30 he had a fever of 99.5 and looked pitiful. He spent the afternoon with Gia(my mom). He continued to have a fever until Friday morning. Friday we decided I would take James to school and Todd would stay with Blake. Throughout Friday Blake developed this strange rash on the back of his neck. By Saturday he had bumps all over his body and the back of his neck was even more inflamed. After Todd and I got back from our race we took him to Urgent care. The rash was diagnosed as a viral rash/hives and should go away quickly. We gave him a small dose of Benadryl and he was fine on Sunday and Monday. Tuesday morning he developed another fever and by 2:30 he was 104 and VERY cranky. I just happened to be taking James for his 3 year well check and asked if they could take a look at Blake. He had a double ear infection. He stayed home on Wednesday and Thursday and continued to have a fever until late last night. Thankfully, he woke up today very happy and went to daycare. He still has a runny nose, but we are so glad he is almost back to normal.

Blake got lots of cuddle time with Grandma last weekend. Look at this sad face!

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