Monday, September 30, 2013

Henry is 1

Henry, how can you be 1?  This has been the fastest year ever!  You are so happy and such a good baby.  Your personality is coming through more and more.  It is fun finding out who you are going to be!  You are very easy going most of the time.  You are starting to hate diaper changes and getting into your car seat.  You are becoming a predictable sleeper.  You have transitioned to 1 nap much faster than your brothers did and you usually sleep 2-2 1/2 hours in the middle of the day.  You go to sleep at night between 7-8 and sleep anywhere from 5-7 am.  You are still nursing around 4 times a day, but I can tell you are wanting me less and less.  You refused to nurse before bed last night and have started to refuse during the day too.  You are growing up!  You love to play with your brothers and they love to make you laugh.  They are very rough with you but you seem to love it.  You are going to be a very tough boy.  A few times I've seen you fall or bump your head and it hardly phases you.  You aren't walking yet, but you are starting to cruise the furniture.  Maybe by 13 months you will take your first steps.  You had your 1 year check up this week.  You are 24 lbs 13 oz and 31 inches long.  Your hair is still as red as ever!  It is starting to fill out more so you don't have the redhawk quite as much anymore.  You love almost any food we give you and you are a very good eater.  I can hardly put it on the highchair fast enough!  James has given you the nickname Bubba and your other nicknames are Henry T and daddy likes to call you Hank or Hank the tank!  We all love you very much Henry!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Henry's Pumpkin Party

I had so much fun planning Henry's 1st party!  I think I've been on Pinterest too much because I obviously went a little overboard(compared to what I normally do for parties) on all the details.  But, Henry will only turn 1 once and I wanted to have a very special party for him.  
Custom party hat idea from here.
Fall porch
 I got a little pumpkin party package from Etsy.
 Banner with pictures from his 1st year.
 My favorite fall decoration has to be his newborn picture on the pumpkin.
 All the food!
I made:
Quiche Lorraine

 Henry's smash cake

 We had great weather so we set up tables outside for guests.
 Ready for cake!
 Enjoying his new riding toy!
 More pictures!

Happy happy Henry!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Llama, llama red pajama

This is Blake's favorite book right now.  He has to read it before nap and bedtime everyday.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Gillian and BSS vs Coach Wilson and LSW

No smoking

James says some pretty funny things, but I usually forget to write them down.  Now that he is learning to read he is constantly asking me what things say when he sees signs.  When we were in Minnesota last weekend there was a sign in our rental house that said no smoking.  He asked what it said and when I told him he got really serious and said, "Grandma Robin was smoking last night!"  Of course, I tried hard not to laugh and ask, "really?".  James says, "When she was making mac and cheese there was a lot of smoke." :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Henry says Mama!

Henry said Mama for the first time last Sat, Sept 7, and hasn't stopped saying it since!
Love this happy and smiley boy!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Seth and Lyndsay's wedding

Seth and Lyndsay had a wonderful wedding last weekend filled with lots of family and fun!
 Friday night we had a rehearsal and then headed to the showboat for a dinner cruise down the St Croix river.
 The weather was perfect!
 It was great to catch up with cousins that we don't get so see very often.
 I LOVED my flowers!  I felt like they were something out of Martha Stewart magazine. 
 The family
 Jack and Gillian did a great job as groomsmen and bridesmaid.  How can they be that old?
 Shelly and Henry got in some good cuddle time
 Grandma Robin and Tatiana were generous enough to come for the entire weekend so Todd and I could enjoy the wedding festivities kid-free.  Friday and Saturday's events went way past their bedtimes.  It was so nice to have Robin and Tatiana there and we appreciated it SO much!
 The beautiful couple!
Congrats to Seth and Lyndsay!!!!!!