Thursday, February 25, 2010

Swim Lessons

James and Morgan are participating in a swim lesson twice a week for the month of February. It has been fun to have James get to swim in the middle of winter, but it has also been exhausting for his Mama! James has a mind of his own and doesn't always want to participate in what the class is doing. His favorite part of the lesson is singing songs at the end(his personal favorite is the wheels on the bus) and getting to play in the play area and go down the slide. It is always hard to say goodbye to the slide when it is time to go!


Todd and I recently went to Savannah GA. Before we had James we took a babymoon(a trip before the baby arrives and your life is completely turned upside down!) to Minneapolis and the Mall of America. So this was our little getaway for baby #2. We had such a great time and it was so relaxing. James stayed with Todd's mom and Aunt Linda. It was so nice knowing he was in great hands while we were away.

Savannah is a beautiful city with 22 city squares.

Forrest Gump was filmed at this square.

We enjoyed walking through the entire historic district. From end to end the historic district is about a mile long and a mile wide. Perfect for a pregnant girl like me!

Savannah's riverfront

One of our favorite places was Mrs Wilkes house! They serve an all you can eat southern lunch family style. We were at a table with 8 other strangers and over 20 plates of food. It was so good and so much fun to try all the food!

My favorite was the homemade biscuits!

One afternoon we enjoyed a bus tour of the city.

Our hotel, the Staybridge Inn and Suites. We LOVE Staybridges and stay at them whenever we can! It was a historic building that has been converted into a hotel.

A view of the hotel lobby.

Of course a trip to Savannah wouldn't be complete without a trip to Paula Deen's Lady and Sons restaurant. Todd and I both had the buffet! YUM!

The first thing they brought to our table was a hoe cake and biscuit. Both were so good!

One of Todd's 3 plates of food. A couple sitting next to us came up to Todd as they were leaving and asked him where he was putting all of the food! Ha!

Monday, February 15, 2010

True Love

Morgan and James had their annual Valentine picture a couple of weeks ago. James wasn't too sure about the sucker. I'm surprised with how much he eats everyday that he isn't into sweets more. Must be a girl thing! Morgan loved the sucker and was all smiles for the photo shoot. We were happy to get one good picture of the two of them. We thought this one was the sweetest!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day 2010!

We had a great Valentine's weekend. Yesterday we got a babysitter and went shopping at the Legends and NFM(Nebraska furniture mart). We were looking for a new chair for our bedroom because the one we had in there was moved to our family room. Just for fun we always like to check out the clearance section first. We have never found anything there before but it is still fun to look. We both spotted a chair that we liked right away, but since it was the first thing we saw we decided we should keep looking. Just as we were walking away from the chair another couple comes up to the chair and I overhear the wife say, "this is the chair, I just love this chair." I'm thinking, "No, I like that chair too. I think I want it." I quickly grab a salesperson and ask if we can put a hold on the chair. He says he can mark it sold for 30 minutes before we actually purchase it. So Todd and I wait to the side to watch him go tag the chair with the other woman still sitting on it. She was obviously not happy as the salesperson apologized that the chair had been taken. I over hear her say, "No, I want to buy this chair. I want to buy it now." He explained again that it was already spoken for but that we had 30 minutes to come back and purchase it. We walked around the store and didn't find anything that we liked as well for the price, so we went back to purchase the chair and guess who is still waiting around??? The other couple was hoping that we wouldn't come back so they could have the chair. I think it was our lucky day. I have never found furniture so easily. It is usually a very overwhelming task for us. I'm still thinking of that other couple and wondering if they ever found another chair. I felt bad about it all afternoon, but happy we got it! Even better we got to pick it up and take it home the same day. After our shopping adventure we headed to Yia Yia's for dinner. It is our annual Valentine's tradition and we always order the chocolate souffle for dessert.

Today we got another afternoon out to the movies while my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Steve watched James for the afternoon. We were planning on going to see the Valentine's movie, but all the seats except for the very front were already sold, so we decided on Crazy Heart. We both really enjoyed it. The music was excellent. All in all we had a great weekend and I love my two Valentine boys so much!

My sweetie pie!

James in the new chair.

My two favorite boys!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

St Louis

A few weeks ago we met our friends the Schneiders in St Louis for a fun family weekend. We had so much fun together and wished we had one more day. We can't wait to go back again for a visit next year.

Hanging out in the hotel pool

3 cutie pie's at the Magic House

James before he climbed into the water feature.

Loving the slide

Not too sure about the big static ball.