Monday, September 9, 2013

Seth and Lyndsay's wedding

Seth and Lyndsay had a wonderful wedding last weekend filled with lots of family and fun!
 Friday night we had a rehearsal and then headed to the showboat for a dinner cruise down the St Croix river.
 The weather was perfect!
 It was great to catch up with cousins that we don't get so see very often.
 I LOVED my flowers!  I felt like they were something out of Martha Stewart magazine. 
 The family
 Jack and Gillian did a great job as groomsmen and bridesmaid.  How can they be that old?
 Shelly and Henry got in some good cuddle time
 Grandma Robin and Tatiana were generous enough to come for the entire weekend so Todd and I could enjoy the wedding festivities kid-free.  Friday and Saturday's events went way past their bedtimes.  It was so nice to have Robin and Tatiana there and we appreciated it SO much!
 The beautiful couple!
Congrats to Seth and Lyndsay!!!!!!

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