Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Morgan

Saturday we enjoyed celebrating Morgan's 3rd birthday with the Hilbrich clan. We still joke how our babies were supposed to be March and May babies, but both came in April! Morgan is James' best friend. They play like brother and sister and really enjoy each others company. James is always asking when he can play with Morgan. I told him earlier in the week that we were going to Morgan's party on Saturday. He asked everyday if "today" was the "day" for Morgan's party. He was so excited!

She had a Hello Kitty themed party with a beautiful bouquet of balloons and a pretty Hello Kitty cake!

Singing to the birthday girl!

The kids table

Blake loves being under tables. It's his new thing. Show him a table and he will find is way under it! He spent a lot of the party under the table!

Morgan got some great gifts! James had a hard time just watching, but we didn't have any meltdowns(just wait, there is one coming)

Morgan had a bounce house at her party and the kids LOVED it! What a great idea!

bouncy, bouncy, bouncy

The kids also enjoyed riding bikes and scooters. It was a very active party and James was exhausted from all the activity

This is a video of James leaving the party. He did NOT want to leave or want his picture taken. Thankfully these meltdowns are becoming less and less around our house.

Happy Birthday Morgan!!! Today is YOUR special day!!! We love you!

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Hilbrich Family said...

Morgan LOVES James too! We are so glad you could be at the party. It was a FUN day!