Saturday, June 1, 2013

Blake's 3rd birthday

What are you up to at age 3 Blake?
- You are still my cuddle bug and love to sit on my lap
-You are still VERY attached to your thumb and hair.
-You want to do everything that James does even if you have a hard time keeping up.  You usually have one accident, bump, cut or bruise each day.  You are a little clumsy. 
-You are starting to talk more and more.  You are putting a lot of sentences together and doing a good job expressing yourself.
-You are very easy going.  So many times you don't get to do the things James does like tennis lessons, t-ball, and late night ball games with daddy and you are such a great sport about it.  You are your brothers biggest fan.  
- You are a fantastic big brother to Henry.  You love to play with him and you are constantly giving him hugs and kisses.  You are very loving.
- You are not interested in tv or movies.  You'll occasionally watch tv with James, but lose interest quickly.  You would much rather be playing with legos, cars and trains.
- You are very exploratory and curious about things.  You like to try to figure out how things work and just check things out.  You are my little sidekick in the bathroom in the mornings asking about each item in the drawer.
- You have no fear.  You ride your bike(with training wheels) just as fast as James and you love jumping off the diving board at Gia and Papa's house.
-You love being outside and getting dirty.
-You have been potty trained for 10 months and I have been SO thankful.  One in diapers is plenty!  You stay dry at naps and wear a diaper at night.
-You have a great appetite.  You love all fruits, broccoli, meat, and nuts.  Cashews are your favorite.
-You sleep about 10 hours at night and are an early riser.  Usually you are up by 7 am.  You still take a 2-3 hour nap every afternoon.
-You like to know about everything and ask "why" all the time.
-You love watching daddy mow the lawn and vacuum.  You also like to wave bye-bye every morning out the front window as he leaves for work. 
-Tennis seems to be your favorite sport.  You point out the courts every time we drive by them and are always asking to go practice.  
-Play-dough is another one of your favorite hobbies, though you'll usually pass on clean-up time.  
We love you Blake!!

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