Thursday, May 30, 2013

Henry 8 months and first corn on the cob

Henry, You are 8 months old today!  You are becoming more and more fun!
I seriously have a hard time remembering what is what like before you arrived.  
You are always making us laugh
 And most of the time you are very happy and content.  If you are not you have no problem telling us!
 You are very attentive and taking everything in these days.  If I walk out of the room you definitely follow me with your eyes and sometimes you cry.
What else are you up to at 8 months:

-You just started sitting up all by yourself.
-You aren't crawling yet, but you roll everywhere.  You can cover lots of ground by just rolling.
-Your top teeth and two more on the bottom are about to pop through anyday.
-You have become very interested in eating.  But you don't like most food unless we give you your safety feeder.  Avocado, banana, and pear are your favorites.  You still don't like to pick up small chunks yet.  You have started drinking water out of a sippy cup, but most of it ends up on your clothes.
-You sleep great at night, but naps during the day are still short.
-You rarely fall asleep in the car unless you are exhausted.
-You are probably around 22 lbs and wearing size 4 diapers.

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