Saturday, March 30, 2013

Henry - 6 Months

Henry, You are the sweetest 6 month old I know!  You are full of smiles and laughs!  You are becoming your own little person and have the cutest dimples!
 You love to play with your feet and blow bubbles.  You are constantly making funny noises.  You LOVE bath time and get so excited when you hear the water start going.
 Your hair is as red as ever.  I never thought I would have a red haired little boy!
 You are still a big boy.  You weigh 19 lbs 4 oz and are 27 3/4 inches long.   You are starting to outgrow your 6-12 month clothes and most of your onsies are 12-18 months size.
 You wear a size 3 diaper, but will probably need size 4 very soon.  You are a good night sleeper.  You go to bed around 7 and wake up to eat between 5-6am.  Then you go back to sleep until 8-8:30.   You haven't settled into a good nap routine yet.  But you usually take 2-3 naps at some point during the day.
 You can't quite sit up on your own yet.  You spend a lot of time hanging out in your high chair and exersaucer.  Your brothers keep you very entertained and you think they are hilarious!
You haven't started eating solid food yet, but will soon.  You got your first tooth right after I wrote your 5 month post and your second tooth came the middle of March.  No sign of the top teeth yet, but the dr thinks they will be here soon.  We love you so much Henry!

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