Friday, October 12, 2012

Henry's birth story

I never felt like I would reach my due date, but I was shocked when he actually came early and that my intuition was correct.  I had been having some mild contractions the week leading up to Sunday, but nothing too strong or consistent.  Saturday evening was no different.  I went to bed with some small contractions.  I woke up to small cramps about once an hour from 9pm-3am but was able to fall right back to sleep.  Sometime between 3-3:30 I went to the bathroom and felt a small gush of fluid.  It was a small amount so I didn't think my water had broken, but I wasn't really sure.  My water broke at the hospital with my other two deliveries.  Later when we arrived at the hospital, I found out that my water did in fact break while at home.  From 3:30-6, I continued to have random, inconsistent contractions.  Sometimes I had a 20-25 minute break between them.  So at that point I really didn't think I was in labor.  I called my mom at 6 and told her this might be it but not to rush over since I wasn't sure what was going on.  I called her again at 7:30 and said that I thought this was it so she said she would be over in about an hour.  Around 8:30 I had several contractions that were stronger and closer together.  I decided around 9 that we should head to the hospital just to see if my water had broken and if I was far enough along to be admitted.  I was seriously worried that I would not be progressing enough, and that I would be sent home.  You would think with #3 I would know when to go to the hospital, but I just wasn't sure whether to go or wait it out at home.  We got to the hospital at 9:30.  I quickly got escorted to a room and was shocked to find out that I was at a 5.  The nurse said she couldn't tell if my water had broken, but that I was definitely in labor and having a baby today!  I requested my epidural and it took about an hour for them to come.  The hour of waiting went by quickly since I was getting checked in by the nurses and answering a lot of questions.  Thankfully, the contractions didn't get much worse while I waited.  At 10:30, I got my epidural.  The on call doctor, Dr. Cobbinah, came in shortly after and said that my water had broken and I was at a 6.  At this point I was just able to relax and rest for a few hours.  I never had to receive any pitocin which I was thankful for.  I did start getting hungry around 12 and had a popsicle.  By 1pm, I was at a 9.5.  I started pushing around 1:20 and just a few short minutes later Henry arrived at 1:28.  Todd had convinced all the nurses that we were having a girl and while I was pushing they were saying things like, "you've almost got her out" or "she is almost here".  The way the Dr. Cobbinah delivered Henry, I was able to lift him out and raise him up to find out if our baby was a boy or girl.  I was able to see before Todd and I was able to tell him, "It's a BOY!!!!"  Henry came out screaming and cried for about 40 minutes before he finally calmed down.  Once he calmed down he nursed from 2:15-3:15.  I'm so thankful that Henry decided to come on his own before my scheduled induction.  I always say my babies never come the month they are supposed too!  Yeah for September babies!

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Maleah said...

Great story! I too thought you would have a girl. So does this mean you will try for baby #4?