Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Henry- 1 month

Henry, I can't believe you are already a month old!
Where did the time go?  You are getting so big and chubby already!
Hard to take a picture without 1 or 2 big brothers around.

You had a dr appt last week at 3 weeks old.  You were 23 1/4 inches long and 10 lbs 6 oz.  So far at a month you are the biggest boy.  James was 10 lbs 9 oz at 1 month and Blake was 10 lbs at 3 weeks.  

What else are you up to this first month?

Sleeping-  You sleep most of the time taking several short and long naps during the day.   After the first few nights at home you have been sleeping well.  The first week you were up a lot wanting to nurse and needing your diaper changed.    You now go to bed between 8-9 pm and usually only wake up once, maybe twice before 6am.  You eat quickly at night and go right back to sleep.  Thankfully we haven't had to pace the floors in the middle of night since your first week home.  We also moved you from the pack n play in our room to your crib around 3 weeks.

Eating- You LOVE to eat.  During the day you are eating every 2-3 hours.  Between 4-8 pm you want to eat almost non-stop.  Sometimes I think you are done eating because you fall asleep, but then you get really upset.  I've started to realize the only thing that will calm you down is to nurse again.  So either I'm your pacifier or you are still hungry?  We have tried to give you a pacifier, but you will not take it consistently.  Daddy has given you 2 pumped bottles in the last week and you took them right away.

Personality-  I can tell already that you are going to have a big personality.  You are quick to tell us if something is wrong or if you are unhappy.  I would have to say that you have been our most fussy baby, but compared to other babies I'm sure you are just normal.  It is hard to compare because with James I held him all the time and Blake was a very easy baby.  Unfortunately I can not cuddle you all day long, but I guess that is part of being the third.  That being said, it would be hard to find a baby that got more hugs and kisses than Henry because your big brothers are very loving.  They are constantly give you lots of love.  You like your swing and bouncy seat most of the time.  You are not very fond of the sling, but you are content most of the time in the Ktan.  You cried your first few times in the carseat, but the last two weeks you have settled into car rides a little better.  You like to be on your playmat and you are very active with your arms and legs.

Your family loves you so much and we are so happy that you are ours!


Hilbrich Family said...

I need some Henry time! I miss that little (big) guy! Can't wait to see you all on Thursday!!!

Maleah said...

One month already! Great to hear that he is a good sleeper. :)