Saturday, October 8, 2011


Kleptomania - an irresistible urge to steal items of trivial value. People with this disorder are compelled to steal things, generally, but not limited to, objects of little or no significant value, such as pens, paper clips, tape.

The kleptomaniac in our house(aka JAMES) is compelled to steal puzzle pieces, rocks, coins, batteries, pretend food, and tot lock master keys. Anything that will fit in his pocket!!! A couple of weeks ago when I was picking James up from school I saw him walking with Ms Shayla from the nap room down to his morning classroom. Come to find out James was returning a bead from their craft project earlier in the day that he had put in his pocket. On several occasions I have found matchbox cars in his pocket that he has taken from school. Of course I explained that we can't take things that don't belong to us and had him return it the next school day. This was all amusing to me until Wednesday night when he confiscated my master tot lock magnet that opens all of our kitchen cabinets. I had been using our spare because I already lost one a couple of years ago so at 7:30 I headed to Babies R Us to buy a replacement. I figured I had accidentily locked my magnet in one of the cabinets. Fast forward to the next morning when I'm getting ready to do laundry. The tot lock magnet was in James' pant pockets. Now I know exactly where to look if I can't find something! I'm hoping that he will out grow this phase soon, but in the meantime watch your purses and wallets next time you are with James!!!

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Hilbrich Family said...

I feel like we have too many toys around our house. Maybe James can come over, put some toys in his pocket and take a few off my hands! :) HA!