Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lexington Parade

Today was a busy day. Lexington parade this morning, Canada fish fry this afternoon and then back to Lexington for late night fireworks! Whew!
Leaving the house on our way to the parade. James is hiding behind the stroller. You can see his hat sticking up.
Ready for fun!
Todd gave James strict orders to cover his ears during the sirens. James took this very seriously.
The gang
James loved being able to run out and collect candy.
Aunt Lynda and baby Blake
Blake LOVED the parade. He was very interested in everything!
James was all smiles too.
We had a special visit from "the Mayor". He is the commodore of the Lexington Yacht Club. Todd and I are both members.
Todd even got to ride in the Lexington Yacht Club float this year!

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