Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blake is 8 months

Blake you are 8 months old today! We are currently in a blizzard and enjoyed the day at home as a family. So far they think we've gotten around 15 inches(according to weather.com). You are starting to get very active. You are going to be crawling really really soon, like maybe tomorrow! You are still a very happy baby. You got your first cold-like symptoms yesterday but it isn't phasing you too much. You have a runny nose and have woke 2 nights in a row around 8-8:30pm crying, but once back asleep you have slept all night. We love you!


Hilbrich Family said...

Watch out world...here comes Blake! I have a feeling your house is going to get busier once Blake can start chasing James! :)

Schneider Family said...

That's so cute! Are those nursery rhymes I hear in the background?