Thursday, August 26, 2010

Deanna Rose and losing James

We recently enjoyed Deanna Rose Farmstead with our friends Rachel and Evalana. James loved seeing all the animals, riding the tractors and playing on the playground. We had a great morning until I thought I lost James at the big slide. He went around a corner that I was fenced in and when I realized it wasn't I couldn't find him. It seemed like forever that I couldn't find him, but it was maybe 5 minutes. Thankfully, Rachel was able to stay with Blake while I ran around searching for James like a crazy Mama! When I got back to the slide area and was about to go to the entrance to report him missing he mysteriously appeared at the base of the slide. I have no idea where he was during that time, but I was just glad to have him back!

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Maleah said...

5 minutes. I bet that felt like an eternity! Glad that everything was okay.