Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brotherly love

Of course it would have been fun to have a little girl this time around, but I'm so happy that James and Blake will get to grow up as brothers. Todd was especially happy since he and his brother Justin are 2 years apart and have always been close. From the first week we brought Blake home James has been such a good "big" brother to his "lil" brother. He enjoys keeping him warm by covering him with blankets, giving him lots of hugs/kisses, talking "baby talk" with him, laying on his activity mat with him, showing him all of his cars/trains/trucks, and the list goes on. I can already tell Blake looks up to his big brother too! He always tries to stay awake when James is around and is always following his voice. So far this is working out great as Blake just cat naps in the mornings and then takes a long nap in the afternoon while James is sleeping. I love my boys so much!

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