Thursday, May 8, 2014

Henry's big fall

Wednesday afternoon around 4:30 Henry fell off of a chair and hit a train piece.  We saw the huge cut and immediately knew he would need several stitches.  We loaded up the van(Blake didn't even have shoes on), I drove and Todd held Henry on his lap, dropped off James and Blake with my Dad at the office and headed to Children's Mercy East.  Thankfully, there was no one there and we got right in.  After getting numbed and ready to get stitches the Dr thought that one side of his face may have muscle or nerve damage since the cut was so deep and wanted to get a second opinion on the situation.  We headed to the ER at Childrens Mercy downtown around 7pm. It was a LONG wait, but finally around midnight he got 8 stitches and thankfully there was no muscle or nerve damage.  Henry was such a trooper the entire night.   

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