Saturday, November 3, 2012

The big boys

James and Blake are now officially roommates!  Blake didn't want to give up his crib until a few days before Henry arrived.  We had everything set up the beginning of September, but he wasn't so sure and didn't want to rush him.  Once he decided to sleep in his toddler bed he did really well in the beginning.  The first few weeks were easy and Todd and I thought it was a much easier transition than we expected.  Well.... the last week or so hasn't gone as well.  He doesn't want to stay in his bed and if we try to put James to bed at the same time Blake will not leave James alone.  We are trying to put Blake to bed first and then James.  Another difficulty is James' nap.  He likes to sing(loudly) and read books before he falls asleep so after waking up Blake a couple of times we have decided to have him nap in our bed.  So far it is working out well.  Most of the boys' room was done from when James moved in, but I did update it with a new furniture arrangement and some new pictures.