Saturday, June 2, 2012

Blake is TWO!

Blake you are 2!  Your personality is really showing more and more the last few months.    You are generally very happy and easy going.  You are definitely more rough and tough then James was at two, but I guess that comes with having an older brother.    You are also fearless!
Stats- You are tall and slim.  You seem so much smaller than James at the same age, but your height is similar(he was 37 1/2 inches tall), but you are much slimmer. You are able to wear your clothes much longer than he was which is a nice change.

Height 36 3/4 (96%)
Weight 27 1/2 lbs (44%)
Head 49.5 cm (72%)

Talking-You are starting to express yourself with words more and more.  Your vocabulary is around 50-60 words, maybe more now that you are almost 25 months!  You are not stringing words together yet, but the Dr thought that should be coming very soon.
Eating- You will eat almost anything.  You love fruit, sandwiches, and cheese.  You have recently discovered juice and ask for it all the time.  This usually ends with me telling you no and you having a tantrum.  You also love to get ice out of the freezer.  Last month you were a little too rough on the freezer door and broke it.
Sleeping- You are taking a 2-3 hour nap each afternoon.  It feels good to have you and James both napping at the same time.  You usually go down at night between 7-7:30 and wake up between 6-7am. If you wake up at night it is usually because your blankets have come off and you are cold.  You just recently discovered that you can climb out of your crib.  Even though you have mastered this new trick you like to yell for Mommy and Daddy in the morning to come and get you.  You are definitely a Daddy's boy right now and he MUST put you down for bed time or you get very upset.  You love for him to sing the BIBLE song, You are my sunshine,  and this little light of mine.
You are so much fun right now and growing up before our eyes!

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