Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rachel's wedding

The last weekend in February we headed to Phoenix for my cousin Rachel's wedding. Our trip got off to a rough start. We were on the economy parking bus to the airport terminal and Blake threw up all over. We thought we had made it easier on ourselves by checking our bags first and then parking the car. I only had 1 spare set of clothes for Blake and had no idea if he would get sick again. Thankfully, he was fine during the entire flight and didn't get sick again until we were in our rental car. He didn't have a fever and wasn't too unhappy, so we weren't sure what was wrong. He wasn't himself the rest of the weekend, but no more throwing up. Saturday morning we headed to Lynda and Wayne's for a delicious pre-wedding brunch. James loves getting spoiled by Aunt Lynda.
Blake wasn't feeling too bad because he was busy making a new girlfriend!
And throwing balls around the yard!
My 3 boys!
Saturday afternoon we went back to our rental house to swim. In the evening we went to Pinnacle peak for dinner. We went to a restaurant that doesn't allow ties.
So all the guys wore ties and they all got cut off by the waitress. The have thousands of ties on display throughout the restaurant.
No more ties!
Sunday was wedding day. Here is a family pic.
The beautiful bride walking down the isle.
Rachel looked so elegant!
The weekend started catching up with Blake and he took a small nap at dinner.
James made a new girlfriend at the dance. He went over to her table and asked her father if he could dance with his little girl. It was so sweet to watch and we had not told him to ask. He did it all on his own.
They danced quite a bit. James was so sad when her family left early.
He continued to dance the night away with the bride and groom!

What a fun weekend! Congratulations Rachel and Travis!

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