Thursday, December 29, 2011

Key West- Part 1

We headed to Key West Monday morning and had two uneventful flights. The boys did great on both! James loves to hang out in the cockpit before we take off. He is getting spoiled by lots of nice pilots.
It was so nice that Blake had his own seat too.
James was really excited when we finally made it to our hotel!
He went right to the beach.
They also went right to the beach in their pj's after they woke up Tuesday morning
Working hard on serious projects
This is James' "I'm trouble" face! We spent most of the day at the beach and pool.
The whole group before heading to dinner at the "Southern Most Beachhouse Restaurant".
Our family.
A picture from the balcony.

Tuesday morning we rode bikes into town and checked out a French Creperie. It was so yummy and worth the 20 minute wait!

Tuesday afternoon we came back to our hotel to play at the beach and swim in the pool!

Wednesday evening we headed back into town to Mallory square for dinner with some of my dad's business friends. There was a cruise ship getting ready to depart which was fun to watch!

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Hilbrich Family said...

Great pictures! I especially like the pictures of the 4 of you! :) Do you have Blake in a "toddler bjorn" in the last picture? I need to check that out when you get home. Miss you guys!