Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Almost 16 months and all over the place!

At almost 16 months Blake is very active. He definitely keeps us on our toes. This is what our active boy is up to!
He moves toys so that he is able to climb on them and reach things he wants.
Turns lights on and off!
Moves chairs to climb/stand on the table. He totally knows he isn't supposed too and gets the cutest smirk while he is climbing.
Sometimes he gets himself into some tight spots and has to have Mommy come rescue him!
Blake is so much more active than James was at the same age. James was wild, but Blake is constantly moving, climbing and being active. The boys are playing more and more together which is so fun to see. Blake is up for anything James wants to do!
Another example of getting into a tight spot and not being able to get out. He is so busy moving that he isn't talking yet. He still only says Mama and Dada, but is really starting to babble and point at things. He definitely gets his point across without words. Blake has all 4 one year molars and has 12 teeth so far. He still takes a morning and afternoon nap when we are home, but only an afternoon nap on MWF when he is at school. He finished nursing about a month ago, but his still very attached to his thumb! Blake is tall and skinny. None of the clothes James wore the fall he was 17-20 months fit Blake. You two have totally different body types. Blake is such an easy, fun toddler to be around and we love him so much!

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