Monday, October 4, 2010

This is what 2 1/2 looks like!

James, You are 2 1/2 today!!! I had good intentions of taking your picture this morning before school, but my camera battery was dead. I went to pick you up from school and you looked like this...

You tried to jump on the curb on the way back from playground time and missed the curb. Your teacher Ms Shayla said that you were very brave and didn't cry. You just wanted ice for your owey.

It didn't phase you too much as you were all smiles once we got home.

YOU are a busy, independent, energetic, loving, stubborn 2 1/2 year old boy! We love you so much and you make us laugh everyday! You are becoming quite the talker and saying short sentences now. Some of your favorite things to say are:
"Mine, I do it, baby Blake spit ups, stir eggs, dada fix it, open please, help please, soaker soaker(wet diaper)."
You are very good about saying please, praying at meal time, and clearing your dishes from the table.
You love to be in the kitchen and help stir eggs. You don't understand why some recipes don't include eggs!
Your favorite word is NO! You say it atleast 100 times a day. We usually give you two choices and that helps with the NO!
You get so excited when you see a jet in the sky, horse in a pasture or a school bus on the road. Nothing makes you happier than seeing multiple buses! You say, "2 buses Mama".
You still let me take you on walks in the double stroller, but you have figured out how to unbuckle yourself and climb out if you really want to. While we are walking you say "2 laps" a lot because you only want to go around the neighborhood twice(each lap is about a mile). You also LOVE to go visit the 5 horses in the pasture that border the subdivision. You like to take the horses apples too.
You have been sleeping in your "big boy" room since the beginning of August. We had a rough few weeks when you were coming in to our room multiple times a night, but for the last month you have been doing much better. The last few weeks the only time you have woke up in the middle of the night are when you hear Blake crying. Otherwise, you are staying in your room and sleeping. You have a toddler bed in your room, but you refuse to sleep in it so you are currently camped out on the floor with a bunch of blankets.
You are a typical 2 year old and REALLY want to get your way. If you don't get your way you sometimes have a meltdown/tantrum. You can get so mad if you don't get what you want. If we let you cool off for a minute or two you are usually back to your sweet self in no time
You love to test the limits and see if you can get away with something. You think you are pretty sneaky sometimes.
You really enjoy your school days and every morning to wake up and ask if today is a school day. You currently go to school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You are so sweet when I drop you off and I always get a big hug and kiss before I go.
You love to play with your trucks/cars, little kitchen, and train table. Your favorite thing to do is line up all of your trucks, cars and choo choo's in a long row.
You love to wrestle with your Dada. He can really get you wound up!
You LOVE your baby brother and always let me know if he is awake, sleeping or has the spit ups. You love to entertain him and he loves to laugh at you! You like to help me give him a bath.
You are no where near potty trained. You wear size 6 diapers and I hope they continue to fit since they are the biggest size.
You weigh around 38 lbs and wear 3 or 4T clothes. You have to wear elastic pants or otherwise they are uncomfortable for you and your cute tummy!

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