Wednesday, September 1, 2010

3 Months

Blake, you are 3 months old today! You are such a good and easy baby. You are doing so many new things this month!
-This morning we went in your room and you had rolled on to your tummy. We knew you were going to do it anytime!
-You still take several short and long naps throughout the day and don't have a real schedule yet.
-You are sleeping great at night. Most nights you sleep from 8pm-6am.
-You had a growth spurt the 3rd week of August and wanted to eat all the time, but after 3 days you were back to eating every 3-3 1/2 hours during the day.
-You LOVE your swing and we just got a 2nd one to keep on the main floor.
-You laugh, smile and talk to us all the time.
-Your hair is REALLY falling out. We were all just getting used to having a brunette in the family, but it is all going to fall out. --When I run my hands through your hair it just falls out in my fingers. I'm finding little brown hairs everywhere! The new hair is very light blonde.
-You are very drooly. You will drench a bib or outfit in a matter of minutes.
-You are starting to reach and grab for things. Once you grip something you really hold on tight. You love to hold on to your blankets
-You are starting to suck your thumb all the time in just the last week.
Here are some more pictures from the last month! I just realized they are alot of Blake in the same chair. He sits there a lot! :)

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Hilbrich Family said... are such a sweet and happy baby! You already love to flirt and smile all the time! Morgan and I love spending time with you!!